Gunther Hammel Photography

Gunther Hammel is a photographer based in Tacoma, Washington that specializes in real estate and drone photography. As part of Gunther ramping up his services, he hired us to design a new logo and branding materials that would capture the essence of his style: Clean, modern, and humanist.

Considerations for the branding.

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    The new logo should be flexible enough to work in multiple environments.

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    The branding has to reflect trust and openness, there's beauty in simplicity.

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    Brand guidelines that will set the foundation for future brand development.

Samples of branding elements.

gunther hammel monogram
New logo in monogram form.
gunther hammel logos
New logo in horizontal form.
color palette for gunther hammel
Color palette for website and marketing materials.
iconography for gunther hammel
Iconography for the website.
typography for gunther hammel
Sample of the typography.
gunther hammel business card
Business card sample.
interior of a kitchen
Sample of monogram on a photo.
gunther hammel hoodie
Sample of the monogram on a hoodie.
gunther hammel shirt
Sample of the monogram on a shirt.

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