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Empowering the future of digital small businesses.

There’s a ton of tools out there to help small businesses build their digital presence. However, not all tools are right for everybody. Empac is here to support you and your digital transformation with the right tools, support, and resources to get it done right.

Your tools for differentiation



Your company has a reputation in the community. It's important to keep that reputation positive by telling a consistent story across every channel. Empac can help you create logos, advertising, and digital marketing materials that will tell your story so the world will want to learn more about you.



Your website is a window for the world to see what you're all about. It's important to have a presence that will accurately depict what you and your company are about. Empac takes care of all the design, development, and deployment of your website.



There's no use putting together amazing designs and an amazing website if your audience doesn’t know you exist online. We can work with you on a digital marketing strategy that will effectively reach your target audience and communicate the right message at the right time.

britton lorentzen

I’ll be here to help you along the whole way.

Hey there! My name is Britton Lorentzen. I’m the founder of Empac. When you use the contact form or chat options around the website, you are always reaching out to me directly. No bots, no in-between. You will always be working with me on all your design and development needs. I’ve done my fair share of work for larger organizations like Apple and T‑Mobile. However, I always love the opportunity to work with smaller businesses to help them with their digital transformations.