From driving race cars to designing marketing and design solutions.

Hey there! I'm Britton. It's nice to meet you.

britton at the facebook campus in seattle
At the Facebook HQ in downtown Seattle.

I’m known as the guy that brings together design, front-end development, and marketing to create amazing customer experiences. It all started from when I was a race car driver. Back in the late 2000’s, my family and I were going to all the dirt tracks racing everything from go-karts, mini-sprint, right up to sprint cars and stock cars. To fund all the racing activity, I put together a website to help document my season and communicate the value of sponsoring the racing team. At first I started with templates... when I couldn’t get something to work correctly, I would hack things to make them work how I wanted them to. Eventually, it got to a point where I would design and build my own website without the need of builders or templates.

Once the financial crisis in 2008 happened, we were unable to continue racing due to companies withdrawing their sponsorships. However, the passion for building websites remained. Once the worst of the financial crisis was past, I started focusing on building an action sports brand that would help local skateboarders, BMX riders, snowboarders, and others build personal brands to help market themselves in a competitive action sports market.

Starting of Emerald Pacific

Emerald Pacific was started in late 2010 as an edgy brand that would market the most talented action sports athletes in the northwest. At the peak of Emerald Pacific, there were five skateboarders being sponsored, I was developing the website and marketing of local snowboarding company L2R Snowboards, and putting together videos and marketing for local BMX team Ride and Glide. Most of the funding came from designing and selling apparel targeted at teenagers.

britton and brandon leaning against wall
Some photography from the early days of Emerald Pacific.

During the building phase, I also took on a part time job at the Apple Store to help fund the day-to-day operations. From my experiences with Emerald Pacific, the Apple Store immediately tasked me with helping small businesses identify their technological needs and provide solutions that would help them succeed. From talking with these small businesses, I started to realize that there were a ton of small companies that had a difficult time with creating marketing materials, developing a brand voice, and building a strategy that would reach their target audience. The same companies that were having these difficulties also tended to be companies that didn't have the means to allocate money for a marketing program. I took on projects pro bono for local non-profits such as HopeSparks and The First Tee to create beautiful materials that were effective in telling their brand story and engaging their target audience. These projects caught the eye of a team down at Apple in California. Before I knew it, I was being brought down to Cupertino to work on internal projects for five months.

apple campus at one infinite loop
Hanging out at One Infinite Loop.

Corporate work

During my time in California, I learned a tremendous amount about User Experience design and design best practices. I was brought in to build numerous apps for internal teams, along with collaborating with the UX team to ideate and test designs for internal web applications. It was all an incredible experience that led me to come back home and immediately join T-Mobile to work on projects within their marketing organization.

britton at t-mobile campus
At the T-Mobile campus in Bellevue.

While at T-Mobile, I’ve been fortunate enough to work on projects including product launches for Apple, Samsung, and OnePlus devices, personalization and targeted messaging, and campaign materials for events such as T-Mobile Tuesdays and MLB All-Star Weekend. Some of my most notable projects with T-Mobile include the redesign of, design and development of components for their AEM platform, and high profile projects including Un-Carrier 1.0, TVision, and 5G rollout. To this day, I continue to work with T-Mobile to build out the future of the Un-Carrier and continue pushing the boundaries of their customer experiences.

My promise to you.

I’ve learned a great deal since I started out in design. Everything I’ve learned and experienced from my days running Emerald Pacific, working with small businesses in the past, and up through doing corporate work gives me the knowledge and expertise to apply my learnings toward solving your business’ design and digital challenges. When you work with me, you’re working with someone that has extensive knowledge about best practices. You’ll be working with someone that will seek to understand you, your company, and what solutions are needed to elevate your business. I firmly believe there’s tremendous opportunity for small businesses to leverage digital solutions to empower both themselves and their customers.