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Elevating a modern marketing agency's visual identity through the power of generative AI.

A case study on how Empac developed the visual guidelines and imagery for the redesigned website.

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Is it time to start adopting AI services like Midjourney and

It’s impossible to not fear for our jobs. However, there’s a lot to AI that can help both Empac and small companies. Here’s how we're proceeding into the wild west of this new technology.

 illustration of blockchain technology

The Layman’s Interpretation of Web3 and Blockchain.

Some people scream “Bitcoin is king!” Others say “The future of web is [insert Ethereum, Cardano, Solana, or some other platform]!” What I see is a fledgling world that represents a pre-2000s mindset.

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Is your company ready to make a digital transformation?

Taking the first step can feel overwhelming. However, there’s a couple things you can do to make the rest of the process easier.